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Our Team

The main driving force behind our unprecedented success and rise to the stature of an eminent enterprise is our posse of diligent personnel, who in addition to their academic excellence also boast considerable experience of the industry. Consisting of production engineers, quality controllers, research personnel and marketing executives to name a few who follow the highly productive guidelines laid out by our leaders whose names and designations are as follows:
  • Mr A.Ramiah - Proprietor
  • Mr R Arun kumar - Chief Executive: Operations(Technical)
  • Mr R.Krishna Murthy - Business Development Manager
  • Mr. Renu Prasad  Manager : Finance & Accounts
Our Manufacturing Facilities

In our endeavors of market dominance in the foreseeable future on the grounds of breakthroughs and innovation, we lent helping hand by our state of the art manufacturing facility, that is accoutered with a number of cutting edge equipments and machine assemblies. The most prominent and noteworthy ones, that are a staple at utilization are Injection molding, Rubber molding, Lathe, Milling and Surface grinding machines, whose most advanced and efficient iterations adorn our facility and help us in fabricating products that are no less than groundbreaking.

Warehousing and Packaging

Packaging plays a vital role and serves as the final stroke for any production cycle, but a very important one at that, because in lieu of the same, the finished products are left vulnerable to a number of external mechanical hazards. Keeping in line with the same, we have instated an excellent packaging assembly that takes care of the aforementioned fronts and is supported by an equally well equipped, weather proof warehousing facility that executes the task of shielding, storage and safekeeping in an outstanding fashion.

Research and Development

Research and development are the precursors of innovation and serve as the hotbed of breakthroughs, and are core elements that help in distinguishing run of the mill products from a truly refined ones. The latter being a hallmark of our company, we invest a lion's share of our resources and efforts in our R&D facility for research pertaining to raw materials, processes employed, and quality & design characteristics, to keep us at the vanguard of innovation.

Quality Assurance

Quality and sky high standards has been the forte of Suma Engineers & Associates, and we ensure that no ounce of efforts is left unused from our end in maintaining the levels of craftsmanship for every single product leaving our facility. Not only do we employ the best grade raw materials sourced from reputed vendors, we ensure that every related step of the whole cycle is executed by highly efficient machines, and are comprehensively tested to assert to their build quality, design parameters, dimensional accuracy and durability.

Application Area

Our product offerings are constantly under high demand from all across the industry and we diligently address the requisites of clients hailing from some of the biggest industrial niches. We cater to the needs of the following industrial areas:
  • Automobile industry & allied machinery
  • Engineering industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Assembling
Why Us?

We have amassed substantial critical acclaim from industry stalwarts as well as our clients not only on account of our innovative offerings but also due to the services that accompany them. Mentioned below are a few noteworthy attributes that are associated with our company:
  • Swift dispatch and delivery of consignments
  • Ability to process bulk orders within stipulated time frames
  • An established supply chain network
  • Strict adherence to international quality standards
  • A wide scope of customization
  • Excellent research and development unit, in constant pursuit of the next breakthrough
  • Efficient transportation services
  • Highly durable packaging for safekeeping of wares during transit